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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Looking Ahead, Looking Behind

Many view the Labor Day weekend as the end of summer.  And, while the sun is out and temps are warm, it's hard to think of snow.  Yet, the signs are here.  Labor Day kicks off ski and snowboard sales.  The mailman delivers the first issues of your winter sport magazines.  Snow-sport movie trailers start landing in your email.

As we look ahead to the upcoming season, I'll take a moment to look back on the past season at Stevens Pass and share a few stats:
  • Total Snowfall: 541"
  • Highest Wind: 80mph, April 10th
  • Lowest Temperature: 8 degrees, January 13th
  • Highest Temperature: 56 degrees, April 2nd
  • December 8th: 39" new snow in 12 hours, 48" in 24 hours
    Snow totals by Month:
  • November: 56"
  • December: 207"
  • January: 77"
  • February: 82"
  • March: 75"
  • April:  44”
Happy riding!

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