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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great day. Now what?

You had a great day riding.  Now what?  First, go thank your parents.  They probably had something to do with your fun today.

Next, take care of your body.  Chances are good you rode hard and then sat in a car on the way home.  If you were smart, you stretched before getting in.  Now that you're home, stretch.  (or, better yet, stretch again)  Water?  Get some in you.  Energy drinks and soda are not substitutes for water.  Eat something.  Actually, eat two things:  Protein (chicken, fish...) and carbs (whole grains, brown rice, potatoes...).  Do not eat fat.  Fat will slow down your digestion, amongst other things fat does to you.  Ideally, you would have eaten a protein bar or downed a protein drink right after riding, then had a good meal when you got home.

Then, take care of your equipment.  Wipe off your board and skis.  (metal edges will rust)  Let your goggles dry.  Do not wipe them dry - especially the inside lense.  Take the liners from your boots and let them dry well.  And that wad of sweaty first layer clothing?  Two words:  Washing machine.

Lastly, get in the shower.  You stink.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Storm Warning

Some people eagerly wait to hear passionate words like "I love you", "will you marry me" and "free beer".  The rest of us live for "winter storm warning".  It may be a warning most, but the rest of us are drawn to power and the reward these storms bring.

The next couple days look to bring the snow we've been eagerly awaiting.

Is that a cough I hear?  Maybe you should take a few days off work to get well...