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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Questions and Answers

Q: Why should I take a terrain park / free-ride lesson?

A: Terrain parks are a very popular and fun way to play on the mountain. 80% of all U.S. ski resorts now offer designated freestyle terrain. You’ll need instruction to understand the flow and etiquette of the park, as well as how to safely ride in the park environment. Having a coach will help a rider progress their skills and safely challenge their abilities on the many features the park offers. The skills leaned in the park will make riders better everywhere on the mountain.

Q: What will I learn?

A: Riders will be coached on three key elements: 1) Park etiquette: How to safely navigate the park and interact with other park riders. 2) Specifics movements and skill development for riding park features. 3) Overall rider development.

Q: Is protective equipment required

A: Yes. Helmets are required. As with any aspect of skiing and snowboarding, there is an element of risk. Riders may wish to consider additional protective equipment. Some helmets can be fit with mouth / chin guards. Body armor is an option, along with elbow pads and shin guards. Padded shorts are pretty common. Wrist guards are a good option for snowboarders.

Q: I see some huge jumps in the park. I don’t feel comfortable with features that big.

A: There are many features in the park to cater to all abilities. Riders will start small and work on features that are appropriate for their ability.

Q: Can anyone sign up for terrain park coaching?

A: Most anyone can sign up. Riders do have to be Level 4 snowboarder / Level 5 skier (comfortable riding intermediate terrain, like Skyline) and at least eight (8) years old. Helmets are required. The park and pipe have a youthful spirit, but no one is too old to try. No terrain park or half pipe experience is necessary.

Mission Statement

Provide a focused, multi-week approach to teaching skiers and snowboarders how to safely tackle the many features the terrain park and mountain offers. Coaches will help riders progress their skills on features appropriate for their abilities.