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Monday, December 27, 2010


Signing up for ski or snowboard lessons?  Here are a few key points to consider:

Multi-week lessons provide the foundation for learning and advancing on the snow quickly.  The weekly trip to the mountain not only builds muscle memory, it also builds traditions and emotional memories too.

Experts say kids do best when taught by the same teacher throughout their lessons.  Does the ski school you are considering offer it?

Small class sizes are important to all, but especially kids.  Most ski schools have nine to 12 kids per instructor.  Some high profile resorts, like Park City, Utah, have limited the student / teacher ratio to six.  How many students will be in your class?

Kids in class?  How about you?  Giving yourself the tools and techniques to ride better may not sound as fun as bombing around the mountain.  But, you'll need those skills in a few years when your kids get to be faster than you...

If you haven't signed up yet, Olympic Ski School offers all of the above.  http://www.olyski.com/  Classes start January 7th.

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